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    groin injury over two months

    About two and a half months ago i injured my groin while sprinting. i pulled/strained it and for the next week, running hurt and even walking caused some discomfort. After about two weeks i could still feel my groin tight but i was able to jog on it without it hurting but i still couldnt sprint because extending my legs to full stride length would cause pain.

    After about a month of not getting better, i went on vacation for a month and took the whole month off completely from exercise, running/weights. After coming back from the month off, my groin wasnt causing me any discomfort and i was able to run again without pain for a week. But last weekend, i was doing sprints and it began causing me discomfort so i stopped. Even though i stopped right when i started feeling it, the pain gradually became worse while i wasnt even doing anything. Within twenty minutes of when i stopped running, it was causing enough pain that i could only walk and even that with hurting slightly.

    The day after there was no pain or even discomfort in my groin. This past week i havent done anything on it but i can feel it tight again. since ive had this injury ive iced it and stretched/foam roller.

    Anyone have any insight on how i can get healthy again? Do i just need to take even more time off and not try to go back too early? Thanks for reading this long piece, this injury is very frusterating.

    Hi fate1918,

    take a look here:
    groin pain for months

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    You can say that again. It's one of the trickiest injuries you can get. It doesn't matter what advice you get here, just go to a physiotherapist with a copy of the paragraph that you wrote and see what he has to say on the subject. Take a look at this one:

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    Fit4life gave you good advice.

    The adductor magnus, longus, brevis and the pectineus make up the adductor group. Groin pulls are a strain at the attachment of the adductors to the pubic bone. You've obviously pulled one, and your body will be laying down scar tissue as we speak. Adductors are tight to begin with, even when well-stretched, because, together with the abductors, they are dedicated to rotating your femur in the frontal plane. Now that you have injured your adductors, the equal force balance between the adductors and abductors is compromised, and your abductors have to compensate.

    Groin injuries are very tough to treat, but are a lot tougher if you don't get them treated.

    Please seek out physiotherapy.

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    thanks for the quick responses. ill definately go to get it checked out. its still early in the year and i dont want this to become a longer lasting chronic problem that stays with me for years to come.

    thanks again!

    Hi fate1918,

    take a look here:
    groin pain for months

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