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    is this tendonitis? How long does this last?

    I woke up yesterday after working back and arms and also playing a round of golf...

    I noticed that when I reached for something at work my left arm hurt quite a bit.

    Whenever I try to extend it fully it hurts around the elbow area. When I try to pick weights up with it it hurts... and a bicep curl would be out of the question.

    This sounds like tendonitis doesn't it? How long do these things usually last????

    Hi realworksuks,

    take a look here:
    tendonitis how long does it last

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    do you have a sports dr you like? you might want to make an appt

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    Ice, heat, NSAIDs, and keep it easy. And, as stated, see the sports physician.

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    I have had several bouts of tennis elbow (tendonitis of the elbow) in both elbows.

    Is the pain on the outside of your elbow?

    Here is a good web page on tennis elbow:

    As for treatment, I think the conventional wisdom is to use ice and NSAID (ibuprofen) to reduce the swelling, rest it for a month, and do some strengthening and stretching exercises to lessen the chance of re-occurence.

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    yeah ice and stuff and just see how it goes. If it doesn't get better, then see a doc. I don't get people who get all upset about it though, I've often had some inflammation feelings in my elbows, or elsewhere, I just take it easy for a couple of days and it is back to normal. No biggie.. But don't do anything that hurts and if it doesn't get better soon, go see someone.

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    ill just add, for the sake that we can't talk to you in person, need to discribe the pains is some detail. otherwise my thoughts have been mentioned already

    Hi realworksuks,

    take a look here:
    tendonitis how long does it last

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