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    Tendonitis in wrist

    Hi, I play quite alot of tennis and about a month ago a spot in my tennis wrist started to hurt whenever I hit a ball hard. It didn't swell up but the next day it really hurt if i bent my wrist back.

    I let it rest for a week and it was better but now it has come back. What should I do to make this go away for good? I am not going to put much stress on it over the next five weeks. Should that be enough time for it to heal?

    Any advice would be welcome!

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    I had tendinitis in my shoulder and went to my doctor....his prescription consisted of special exercises that made it go away 100%.

    Best bit of advice: Discontinue tennis and see a doctor...before you make it worse as it seems to be chronic.

    Good luck!


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    most prob he will recommend physcial therapy to strengthen the area.

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    this is tendinitis, i would read up on it, two things: first you could use a wrist guard, to limit the motion of your wrists and reduce the pressue. the next thing to try once your' feeling better would be to strenght train your wrists, bolth increasing your power when limited on movement, and second adding more control /stabalization to your swing.

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