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    weight loss workouts with broken leg?

    hi, i broke my leg in september and now im in a camwalker (weight bearing boot) i was pretty active, worked out six days a week and now im just a mess. i would like to know if there is any training i can do other then what i do at therapy that will help me get back into shape?

    and also, what are some good ab exercises for this situation?

    Hi cicixos2,

    take a look here:
    how to stay in shape with a broken arm

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    Hi, I came on here hoping for a bit of advice myself but your situation is similar to what I've just been through.

    Earlier this year I broke my Tibia. I've also torn my ACL, Medial Collateral ligaments and broke up a fair bit of the Meniscus tissue in my knee at the same time and I'm still waiting on surgery for the ligament damage.

    I don't know the exact position of your injury or what state your at.

    If you've had a rod inserted then you'll need to wait until the wounds are fully healed but I found that the swimming pool became my best friend.

    I concentrated on doing the front crawl every second day as it put no real stress on my leg or joints and the majority of work is done by the upper body.

    Don't underestimate it as a means of building or maintaining cardiovascular fitness and your shoulders and triceps will certainly display the benefits.

    It can get repetitive though and a great deal of care has to be taken getting in and out of the pool.

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    Smile workouts with broken leg

    Broke my leg in November . Surgery followed 3 screws and a plate. Now in boot. Was able to do Jari Love's "Ripped" workout without further injury to leg. Recommend it highly.

    It felt so good to be doing something since I've been completely immobile for 2+ months and miss aerobics and spin very much.

    Like your suggestion for swimming. Thanks

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    A grea thing to keep in mind for injuries such a a broken leg/arm, or for someone after a knee reconstruction is that there can be great neurological affects. For example, if you are able to train your oppisite arm/leg it will actually increase strength in your injuries arm or leg...
    It's a great recovery technique.

    Hi cicixos2,

    take a look here:
    how to stay in shape with a broken arm

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