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    Kca's Compound Workout Journal

    Hey everyone, I'm kinda new to the forum, I'll give some background first. I started dieting/exercising in late October. On Oct. 27 i weighed 204lbs. As of this morning I weigh 183lbs. I just do a clean diet and lift 3 days a week, sometimes do a little cardio. I've decided to change my routine, doing mostly a compound, fullbody workout 3 days a week, and one of those days replacing the upperbody exercises with lowerbody, since my lower body needs more work. I will also incorporate some cardio into the week.
    Height- 5'7
    Weight- 183
    Waist (don't know b/f, so this will have to do)- 39.75in.
    Bench- ~185
    Deadlift- don't know 1RM, sadly I do my reps at 150
    Squat- ?
    Feb, 1 2006
    When school starts again I will be able to get my 1RM for above exercises
    Weight-175 (2lbs per week)
    Bench- 200
    Deadlift- I'll update Jan. 3
    Squat- Update Jan. 3
    Waist- Don't have goal, but hopefully it will be smaller than 39.75

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    So here's the big workout, feel free to critique and give advice.I'm also putting emphasis on back/legs since I never really worked these much, so not all of those exercises will be compound. I may be changing some of it as I go along. I will be doing 3x8 for each exercise

    Monday- Bench Press (any variation)
    Deadlift- 150lbs
    Military Press- 100lbs
    Bent Over Rows (bb)- 100lbs
    Pullups- 2 or 3 sets of however many I can do
    Bent Over Rows (db)

    Tuesday- Rest, maybe some light jogging or jump roping

    Wednesday- Squats
    Stiff-legged Deadlift
    DB Lunges
    Hack Squat
    Weighted Calf Raises

    Thursday- Same as Tuesday
    Friday- Same as Monday
    Saturday- 20 min. of HIIT on treadmill
    Sunday- Rest/Nothing

    So that's it, Wednesday is all lowerbody, which I don't know many exercises for. Any suggestions, advice, crtitcism is appreciated

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    I don't like planning out meals. I just have a clean diet, 4-6 meals a day.
    i don't see the point of counting calories when trying to gain muscle and lose fat at the same time. I eat when I'm hungry, stop eating when I'm full. School starts Jan. 3, this is an idea of what my diet will be then:
    Breakfast (6:00-7:00)- Multi vitamin, a couple eggs or omelet with turkey, 2 slices whole wheat bread

    Between breakfast and lunch at school- Just take a bagof sunflowerkernal, almonds, or some jerky

    Lunch (12:10)- Thanfully we have salad bar (w/ tuna!)- Tuna, couple peaches,small salad sometimes, maybe a pickle. Breathmint lol

    Pre-workout (3:00 after school)- Turkey sandwhich on wheat bread, or tuna roll-up on wheat tortilla. 2nd Multi

    Workout (4:00)- Sometimes have whey shake right before I leave for gym

    Post Workout (4:45-5:00)- Shake- Scoop gatorade powder, 2 scoops whey(40g), 5g creatine, water (duh). After about 30 min. some kind of carbs...brown rice,oatmeal etc. with some turkey or chicken,

    Snack (usually 7-8)- maybe broccoli or some more nuts, sometimes tuna

    Of course a lot of water, and tea sweetened with sweet and low at meals

    Thats about it, of course that's just a little overview, i don't follow that concretely everyday. Again any suggestions, advice is appreciated
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