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    The Lettuce Diet

    Everywhere I turn there is a new diet book on the shelf. Aside from the fact that most of them, if not read properly, will have you believe great amounts of weight can be lost just by eating the foods they tell you to, not many people are able to stick to them. I've been trying something different and have dropped my 'morning weight' about 5 pounds. I can't tell you an exact time it took and due to some recent family issues, I dropped my diet for several days and either didn't eat or ate complete crap. So, it's back to the diet for me.

    My diet is a compilation of a few principles. I took a few ideas form the Abs Diet and things that were common sense knowledge and came up with my plan. It's quite simple once you get the ball rolling.

    Start the day with a good breakfast at about 8am. Included in every breakfast is a Fiber One bar. If, for whatever reason a Fiber One bar is your GI's mortal enemy, you can use Glucomannan, as it will help in the fiber dept. with minimal to no 'side effects' and is easier to blend into a smoothie. . Have a snack at around 11a, something small, but high in protein or fiber (or both). Nuts, cheese, fruits and yogurt are all good options. Lunch at about 1p, high protein. A second snack at about 4p. Dinner at 6p and one last snack at 8p.

    Eating like this will help you eat less and feel fuller, longer. Personally, the FO bar does it for me. I'm not sure if it's just the "digestion" of all the fiber and it's impending "result" that gives me a false sense of being "full" or if the fiber really does the trick. Either way, it makes me feel like I'm full (even if I'm just full of hot air) and keeps me from eating like I'm a teen again.

    And, of course, no diet is complete without a workout routine! Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 30 minutes of cardio followed by upper body/core/lower body workouts, respectively. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are 45-60 mins cardio only.

    I'm keeping Sundays as my so-called 'cheat day' and will eat a higher overall kcal total than on my other days and chillax instead of going to the gym. My current goal is about 2300 kcals Monday thru Saturday and 3000 kcals Sunday.

    I will be monitering my intake and posting it here, along with recipes used for meals.

    So far today, I've had about 1 2/3's McMuffins, 1 McD's hash brown, one Fiber one bar and my morning suppliments along with a bottle of water.

    McMuffins: 614
    Hash Brown: 140
    Fiber One Oats & Chocolate: 140

    894 total kcals thus far. Since I ate my Fiber One bar between 9:30 and 10, I'm more than likely going to skip the first snack, or just not feel up to it.

    2006 kcals left. Not sure what I'm having for lunch yet. Decisions, decisions.

    Hi Lettuce,

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    Some thoughts...

    Ditch the bars and go with oatmeal - not the instant stuff, though - old-fashioned, or steel cut oats are better.

    Try doing your weight training first - by doing cardio first you fatigue the muscles so you'll most likely not get the best performance in your weights.

    Add in vegetables wherever you can if you want to feel fuller longer.

    Good luck with your quest.

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    I have increased my veggie intake drastically. I used to not eat them and now I eat a lot more. Again, yesterday was my cheat day, so I ate freely.

    My final tally for yesterday, the above mentioned breakfast. For lunch, the baconator (830), "medium" fries (417), "medium" coke zero (0) and a 5 piece nugget with BBQ (230). Dinner, 3 slices of Pizza Hut hand tossed pizza w/pepperoni (1080), a can (12 oz) Mug RB (166) and 8 (of 10) boneless wings with ranch dressing (440). 4057 total kcals yesterday.

    Oops. I messed up. Over by about 1000 kcals. Well, time to get back on track, I'm gonna have to skip next weeks cheat day. Oh well.

    Todays breakfast, 1 packet of instant oatmeal and 1 fiber one bar and a medium DD coffee.

    Hi Lettuce,

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