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    Bulky legs -- How can I slim them down?


    I'm new to this forum, and I have a ton of questions! I'll leave my questions to just a few today.. but I'm sure I'll be back with more tomarrow

    Okay, first off -- I exercise daily and I'm in pretty good overall health; however, like most people, I'd like to "tweek" my body a bit. My problem -- bulky legs. Maybe it's due to the mountain biking, maybe I do too many leg presses -- who knows! BUT I have developed some bulky muscle on my legs and contrary to what some people say about it looking good, i'm NOT one of them. I like small, petite legs... something I've never had. How can I slim them down?

    Next question (maybe this is the wrong board) -- If you can't tell from the pic, I have a swollen left calf muscle. It's been swollen for almost a year now; however, today it's not as bad as it usually is. Some days, it's 2-3 inches bigger than my right. I went to the doctor six months ago because of excessive burning sensations and I feared it may be a blood clot. Five hundred dollars later, I was told that it wasn't and it may just be a baker's cyst that ruptured and caused fluid in my leg that makes it swell. Knowing that it wasn't life threatening, I just let it go because of no insurance. I am still curious about it though because it does cause me pain when I sit for long periods. Anyone ever experienced this?

    Also, I have one more question for all you fitness gurus -- I read somewhere on this board that you should do weight training BEFORE cardio? Is that true? And why? I have always did my running first and then weights.

    Alright, I suppose that's enough questions for a day. I appreciate any input. Thanks ya'll!

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    Your legs look awesome to me, slender lean and athletic....and not anywhere near "bulky" So I'm at a loss to give you advice on what to do...I don't think you can be athletic and have legs like a Hollywood starve-let. It kills me that the fashion industry has convinced women that skinny and shapeless = sexy

    I didn't notice the swelling until I looked a second time. I'd get it checked out if it's been going on this long

    Why don't you take a poll, Let people see the pics and vote on whether you should try to "slim down" your legs or be proud of them looking so hot now?
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    lots of women would kill to have legs like yours!

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    they don't even touch!

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    They are nice legs not bulky at all I would just stick with what your doing.

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    I'm not sure where you're seeing this bulk from. Perhaps you could post a pic of what you want your legs to look like. I think they'd look better with more quad hypertrophy to them.

    Weight training before cardio. You want the most energy for weight training.

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    I'd give anything... ANYTHING. for my legs to look like that.

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    They aren't really that bulky.. I'm with Evo on this one.

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    I like your legs, keep them the way they are.

    I'm sorry to hear about the no insurance thing, but it's going to be really difficult for anyone here to give you an accurate disgnosis of what could be happening in your calf. If it's really been a problem, or it's been worrying you, you might just have to see one of the docs again. A different doctor of course.

    Lookin' good! and good luck with the swelling

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    I'm sure she appreciates the positive feedback, but she asked how to slim them down, not whether or not others find her legs attractive.

    I'm not calling anyone out, but I can't help her myself, so I thought I'd bring attention back to her question.

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