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    Just started working out (again), progress pics after 2 months

    Hey all. Just wanted to share my progress so far. I started jogging about 3 months ago and added in weight lifting 8 weeks ago (FBW, compound lifts 3 x week). Have lost 25 lbs so far and am a lot stronger. Have learned a great deal from this site so far and hope to be around for a while!

    first is a before pic, then some current pics. Will post progress every few months.
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    Great transformation!
    Jeez mate your going great keep it up! And remember to keep us updated on how your routine is coming along.

    Cheers. Keep it up!

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    Keep it up man. Sometimes, it's hard to see progress because you see yourself everyday but in those photos, I can definitely see a lot of improvement. Stay the course.

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    Nice work dude. Keep it up.

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    Good progress mate, can already see some really good results

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    Thanks. I couldn't really tell a difference looking in the mirror everyday so it's nice to compare with a pic, wish I would have take better starting pics. Went from 205 - 180 pretty quick, losses have slowed recently which I expected. I'd like to lose another 10 before bulking, we'll see with winter coming. I'm to the point now where instead of feeling like I should or need to work out I'm actually looking forward the next workout. It's now fun instead of "work". It took a little bit to get to that point, especially with the running.

    Here's my routine
    3 x week alternating A/B workouts
    Flat Bench
    Dumbell Rows
    Military Press

    Incline Bench
    leg lifts

    After each workout on M/W/F I jog 2 miles. I just started adding in a 4 mile jog on the weekend. Wondering what I'm going to do for cardio once the winter comes (up north in the midwest). I think I'll focus more on bulking than weightloss then.

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    15 - 20 reps x 3 - 4 sets on crunches & leglifts. Depending on how I feel after the deadlifts and squats. (remember I'm just starting out!)

    As for the weekend, my M/W/F routine becomes M/W/Saturday anytime the wife wants to go out for dinner or has other plans for after work on Friday (which lately has been more often than not). So sometimes I lift on Sat, other weeks I lift on Friday and just go for a jog on Sat. When the weather was warm I'd go golfing twice a week. I also work 50 hours a week at my job and am currently going to school for my masters degree (Tues/Thurs night classes and a ton of homework). So with that and a wife there's only so much time to go around!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr. Chagas View Post
    Total reps of crunches and leg lifts?

    And how come you aren't doing anything on the weekend?
    Rest is important, and he said he is running on the weekend now?

    You are doing awesome, makes me feel like I need to pull my neck out big time.

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    Damn bro! Your doing damn well. Keep it up matey.

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    Those are some great results! Keep up the hard work, it is obviously paying off!

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    I allways got told to do cardio first then weights as when you do cardio you can burn newly made muscle until today

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