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    Question man boobs? pecs in the making?

    Hi! this is my first post, I came here for help.

    I have been working out (last semester before Christmas vacations) in my school gym, but i have been unable to get rid of these, I don't know what to call em' either man boobs or pecs... but well the thing is i don't want em, I want a flat chest.

    The thing is i can't do much cardio, because i did for a while and it didn't work much and I'm at a low weight 52 kilos (116.6 lbs), so I don't think its a great idea to do cardio (lose more weight)

    As for chest exercises: I do some presses both with machines, dumbells and bars, as well as push ups, is there some exercise I should steer clear of? are any of those making me bulkier?

    What do you think? do I have man boobs, with no solution but surgery? (haha hope not). What should I do?

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    hey my man those are not man boobs. If you lift you are going to get a bigger check or a more shaped chest you are not gonna be able to get rid of them inless you get SKINNYER. Just curious why do you want a flat chest and still work out? Anyway best of luck.

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    I wouldn't call them man boobs, they just look like pec's. Do they wobble when you jump? Also stomach looks to flat for you to have man boobs, though some people get them randomly when they are around pubity. How old are you? Also at 116lbs how tall are you? (sorry 116lbs just sounds super thin).

    Also if there is a bit of fat there its most likely because your body is making alot of testosterone and your body turns the extra into estrogen which can result in a little bit of man boob but if this is the case they will go away on their own when your hormones level themselves out.

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    You do NOT have man-boob. I am guess here but you are uncomfortable with the arrangement of your nipple right? If that is the case, there might be some excercises to help. In term of just trying to flat out those pecs, it's had but just lose more weight and along with it muscle. Personally, you have good genetics and those pecs and not man-boob.

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    You don't have man boobs and why would you want a flat chest? Just curious.

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    Hey thanks for the replies guys! well about the low weight: it is because Im not tall I am 1.60m (5'4'' more or less)

    And is not that i really want a flat flat chest the thing is i want to look more like the guys on the right in the first pic:
    (haha sorry for the abercrombie ad but its just to make my point)

    I wanna be leaner in the chest, Im not looking for the James Bond pic kind of buff:

    (nothing wrong with it James Bond he is cool)

    so any recommendations?
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    Quote Originally Posted by tic View Post
    I am guess here but you are uncomfortable with the arrangement of your nipple right? If that is the case, there might be some excercises to help.
    Thanks! that nipple arrangement is also part of the problem, so those exercises would be a good idea

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    Defo not man-boobs. Nice little pecks there matey

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