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    Hi! Recoverying anorexic trying to gain weight and muscle

    Hello everyone! I'm new here and thought I'd introduce myself.

    I'm Josie. I'm not a real fitness buff at all. Actually, I've never really been very active. I've been recoverying from anorexia since Febuary and while I'm putting on weight, I also want to put on muscle too, to improve my overall health. So I was wondering if anyone has advice of some low impact/easy exercises I could do that would just be better for my all over health, but nothing too intense. I'm currently 5'6 and 97 pounds. And I'm eating around 1100 to 1200 calories a day. And am slowly increasing to a goal of 1600 (set by my nutritionist). So any adivce would be welcome! Or is this the wrong place to post this? Thank you!

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    Welcome to the boards! It's nice to hear you're trying to get healthy and workout, etc. I don't have any specific advice, just wanted to say hi, but you can try looking/posting on the toning boards for advice. Good luck!

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    Welcome to the boards, you will find this site very helpful! As a recovered anorexic I can tell you that it feels much better doing it the healthy way! It feels great to wake up with a ton of energy ready to start the day.
    Message if you need anything, and I'll help if I can.

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    Welcome to the board. I wouldn't advise alot of activity personally besides some light walking and sports if you like them.

    Once you get up to 1600cals i think you should start a fitness program focused around weight training with some cardio.

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    Wink Good Job!!

    Hey, I'm new here too. I'm Kaitlyn, I'm 17. I'm a still-recovering "anorexic". I just have some personal thoughts on anorexia, but I beleive it is a serious REAL problem none-the-less. I'm pretty tall, nearly 5'8" and about a year ago, dropped to 86 pounds. I'm still on a path of trying to put on those last few pounds, but have finally been able to get over the underlying personal issues I was having. Even though I have been between 100-107 pounds over the past five six months, I still consume between 2,220-3000 calories a day, any less and I can drop weight very quickly. I was pretty concerned about getting some of my muscle mass back. Even though I am under my goal weight, I looked larger than I used to, and was very obviously unfit and weak. About two weeks ago, I've been able to beging working out again. I didn't want to even attempt to do that until I was at a stable weight, and able to make SURE I could-would consume enough to keep up with the demand of my (hopefully) building new muscle. It's been going well for me so far, I LOVE being able to begin a little weight training again. All I can say is, you HAVE to make sure you'll be able to eat to keep up with the demand. I don't beleive there are any set numbers for calorie intake. Each of us is so different, it's silly to place numbers on all of us. My doctor told me that 1500-2000 calories would put mass weight on me, and it took about five months to figure out why I was still horribly thin. MY body needed more than the charts said. Your body will tell you how much you need. Thanks for the post!!!! My wishes to you.

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