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    Best night time protein?

    What is the best night time protein? I was thinking of getting a slow-release protein because sleep takes up a huge chunk of the day and most of your growth hormones are released then.

    I can't drink milk, for caesin.
    I read about this one at called NitroVerin. Not sure about its effectiveness.
    I heard of supplementing just plain caesin. Is their any as good as caesin or better?
    I want to know the cream of the crop.
    Tough choices, I don't know that much!

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    what about cottage cheese? what most ppl do is eat cottage cheese and peanut butter (usually not together) and that will sustain them as long as possible.

    if you want to use a shake, any casein powder will do. honestly, supplement companies are making alot of money with this slow/fast protein nonsense. the truth: it really doesnt matter.

    optimum has a casein blend, but dont just have that by itself.

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    cottage cheese, peanut butter, flax meal and a little non-carb protein powder preferly whey/casein mixed and spooned in the mouth is a staple of my diet.

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    If your lacking on your EFA intake you can go with whey protein and a 1-2 tbsp of flax oil. The flax will slow the digestion of the whey which in turn, will assist in the prevention of catabolism.

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    Most likely investing in some casein powder. As for now peanut butter with flax oil. I bought a pb w. both them ingredients in the pb .

    Say if i didn't take a nighttime protein think I'd be suffering alot? Just if i ate like eggs or my regular whey.

    What you mean spooned in the mouth? The only time i heard that term is when my mom spoon feed me.

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