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    Eat banana and drink protein supp on training days

    I lift weights on every alternate days… eg. Mon/Wed/Fri and so on (not set to a weekly routine). And on the days off I’ll go for a run but not more then twice a week, worried about losing too much weight (180cm/72kg).

    From reading posts here, I have come up with a very basic eating plan. I know there are a lot of technical protein information to consider but I really wanted something very easy:
    Eat a banana and apple, or any other fruit but always make sure a banana is key. Do that 1 to 2 hours before hitting the gym and after drink a protein shake/formula/powder so I’d be only having the protein supplement every alternate day. No protein supp for running days or off days… is that good or bad?

    My weight has remained at around 71.5kg – 73.5kg for the entire time I’ve been weight lifting (3 and a bit months). I have noticed a change in being a little more toned just not weight increase. After 3 months of training hard at the gym I was hoping for an increase of at least 2-3kg.

    For what I want to do (lean muscle mass but not bulk mass) the lady at the supplement shop said I would be after a protein product that is low in carb, apparently there is low carb and high carb and a mid range when buying protein shakes. You guys would know all this stuff already.
    This is the product I am think of having (someone on this forum recommended it)

    This is the nutritional info for it:
    Quantity per Serving
    Energy 544kJ (130 Cal)
    Protein 20g
    Fat, total 2.5g
    - saturated 1.5g
    Carbohydrate, total 5g
    - sugars 2g
    Sodium 130mg

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    I would have a scoop of protein with a banana an hour before and the same thing right after your workout with weights. opt to have a scoop of protein before cardio and a scoop with a banana after the cardio

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    So Stew... you recommend:
    banana/protein before and after weights
    banana/protein before and after run (cardio)

    but not on the off days?

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    You can have the protein everyday if you would like but I would stick to having whole foods when ever you can. so ditch the shakes on off days
    Good Luck
    Just protein no banana before cardio

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    I hear you brother... 'whole food'. I'd prefer whole food over suppls anyday, they're just so much easier... taking suppls.

    Just so I know the science behind it. Why protein only before cardio? I'd thought that a banana would be like a burst of energy for the cardio session (that's just my novice thoughts on this)?!

    Thanks for your replies/help Stew!
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    Quote Originally Posted by bennos View Post
    Just so I know the science behind it. Why protein only before cardio? I'd thought that a banana would be like a burst of energy for the cardio session...
    Don't want to quote myself but can someone please tell me why?!

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