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    how long does protein stay in your system?

    I'm just wondering because last night I was at a all-you can-eat korean grill (where you cook the meat on a grill in fornt of you) and I consumed a heck of alot of protien in that sitting. Would that have any effect on today's protein intake, or should I just go about today like any other?

    Hi nickorette,

    take a look here:
    how long does protein stay in your blood

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    Well when you ingest protein it gets broken down by the time it hits the intestines to amino acids, to be transported through the body via blood to where it is needed.

    I doubt you would have consumed a high excess over recommended values from that single meal. however, excess protein is excreeted by the body via urine, so what ever you have one day, the next day is a new day

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    every day is new. the body runs on trends, not hourly decisions. if you have a trend to eat more than you need, you gain weight. the less you eat, you tend to lose weight.

    Hi nickorette,

    take a look here:
    how long does protein stay in your blood

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