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    Starch vs Sugar - what's the difference?

    This question has been bothering me for a while, and no matter how much I read or do research, I still don't know the answer.
    I guess it comes down to this - I would have "Special K" along with Fibre 1 cereal (really, really high fibre and low fat, sugar-free cereal) almost every morning. As a lot of you know, Special K has low sugar - 3 grams - , no fat, etc, and has 20 grams of starch per 28 gram serving.
    I found a new cereal I love even more (which I'll still use Fibre 1 with it) - "On Track" by Presidents Choice. It's pretty much the same per 28 gram serving (although it has 7 grams of sugar which is more than Special K - I'm assuming because it has fruit in it?), however it does not mention starch. Does that mean there is no starch in this cereal? Because if I'm correct, starch turns into sugar, right? So am I better off with the On Track?
    I know this is a nit-picky question, but I don't like the idea of eating something I think is healthy, when it's really not.

    Hi dolphingirl,

    take a look here:
    how long does protein stay in your blood

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    Go here and read on carbohydrates:

    Types of Carbohydrate - Nutrition & Recipes - American Diabetes Association



    Additionally, I popped a Chill Pill and reel in the brain cells like you would a fish, and provide additional information that is "related" but not asked for, but needed in IMO:

    The Human Brain - Carbohydrates

    What are Carbohydrates?

    What You Need to Know Before You Start a Low Carbohydrate Diet
    (and other info)

    (this one may be a tad over-kill for the average person)


    Some info on Protein:

    John Berardi - Protein Super Feature

    Everything you need to know about protein

    Protein: Nutrition Source, Harvard School of Public Health


    Some info on Fats:

    What You Need to Know about Fat and Your Family's Diet - Family Articles -

    Fats 101: How to tell Good Fats and Bad Fats

    Fats, Fish Oil and Omega-3-Fatty Acids - Cholesterol Information Produced by Doctors For Patients Experiencing High Cholesterol Levels

    (and other GOOD info)



    Some info on Fiber:

    Dietary Fiber


    Enjoy! Hope this assists at least one person! ROCK ON!

    I wish everyone well each and every day.

    Be proud. Stand proud. Embrace your personal power. Knock down any adversity in your way. See your goal. Earn your goal. BE YOUR GOAL! YOU CAN DO IT! BE TOUGH!

    ROCK ON!------>ROCK ON!------>ROCK ON!--------KEEP ROCKEN on toward your goals, baby!

    Take full responibility in whether you earn your goal or not.

    Grab a hold of your heart and obtain the knowledge you need to win.


    First, when there's nothing but a slow glowing dream......

    And, your passion swells deep inside your mind.....

    Let is scream silent tears full of pride.......

    The world may be made of steel and stone

    Close your eyes, hear your internal music, feel the rhythm

    Let it wrap around, take a hold of your heart..........

    Never let it go........

    And the pieces will finally fit.

    They can never take this sort of passion from you no matter how hard they try: Its imbedded in the heart like a branding iron. They cannot see it, but you can feel it, hear it, and see it through your own eyes as your passion cries and your heart increases in size.

    You are the prize and your passion cries.

    Best wishes to you all!


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    Doesn't it have a carbohydrate total? the starch content would just be total carbs - sugar. Essentially both cereals have starch, and because the seond cereal has fruit in it i wouldn't be to concerned with the level of sugar.

    Hi dolphingirl,

    take a look here:
    how long does protein stay in your blood

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