So, over the last few years I've been trying to cut out fast food, eat healthier and all that. Usually a good idea, right? However, I've had a bit of a chronic problem with changing my diet: I often have a hard time staying full on the foods I eat.
It's fairly common during the day for me to eat something (even something dense and filling like a ham sandwich or a cup of oatmeal) and be hungry 1-2 hours later, even if I ate until I was stuffed. There are 1 or 2 things I've had success with, but now I'm stuck in a situation where if I deviate from my accustomed daily food AT ALL, I'm very likely to wind up ravenous before mealtime at some point. Even if I do eat just my usual boring stuff, I'm still often hungry hours before dinnertime.

Mind you, I'm not really trying to lose weight because I'm fairly healthy in that dept right now. I'm hoping some of you forum-goers can give me suggestions for foods that will keep me from getting ravenous during the workday that don't rely on high cholesterol or empty calories to keep me sated.

examples of stuff I've had success with so far:
bean & rice bowl with egg
oatmeal (sometimes)
heavy meat & potatoes dinners
...and that's pretty much it. Also, fruits, vegetables, tofu/tempeh and water do pretty much nothing to make me less hungry, tasty though they are. Thanks in advance, look forward to your ideas!