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    What does my body need?

    I've been told that when you crave certain foods your body is actaully craving something else that it isn't getting enough of. So my question is, what is my body trying to tell me it needs? I constantly crave chocolate, pretty much all the time. I also seem to crave pizza, I could honestly eat it every day and be fine. I never really crave chips or salty foods, although during Christmas I've grown quite fond of meat & cheese on crackers!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for what I should be eating? I'm stuck in a rut with my weightloss, or should I say gain. I've been doing the Firm for about 6 weeks now and gained about 2 pounds at the very beginning and haven't lost it yet.

    I need to know what to eat and when to eat it!

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    Odds are those are just regular cravings. The body obviously doesn't 'need' pizza or chocolate.

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    hhhmm... I think you are Craving for Sex. There are some that believe that a woman's craving for cholocate is related to sex.

    If not that, try drinking more water. Maybe you are thirsty and think you are hungry. I also read that most diet allow for a "reward" (cheat) meal once or twice a week. Maybe fit in some chocolate there, will help you out with the pyschological factor if you know relieve is a day away. When you eat "reward" meal, they should be small to moderate amount, and not to binge; fyi, no 5 lbs of rich dark chocolate.

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    You're freaking hungry. Nobody craves pizza. They are hungry, they enjoy pizza, so they "crave" pizza.

    You dont have a pizza taste bud. Just eat more, or change what you're eating. BTW, wahat are you eating?

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    A lot of the time if you are eating correctly and still getting cravings then your body is telling you that it is dehydrated. You get something in the ballpark of 20% of your daily water intake through food. If you dont know how to listen to your body, it is very easy to mistake a dehyrdation craving for a food craving. I still mix them up sometimes, so I use logic to figure it out. If I just ate and Im still hungry, I assume I need some water.

    Try this. Drink a glass of water and wait 10 minutes. If you are still hungry drink another glass. If you are still hungry after that, you may in fact need some calories. Usually, though, the first glass of water is all you need (if you are eating well).

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    I think I might try drinking water before I eat. Currently, I drink around 60 ounces a day, but the majority of that is in the morning or early afternoon. Lets say I drink about 40 ounces before 2 pm everyday and then really don't drink in that same manner for the rest of the day, what is that telling my body to do? I know if you suddenly cut back way back on calories your body believes it's starving, does water have any effects along those lines?

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