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    What to eat to gain weight fast

    Im 16, weigh about 110lbs, I'm about 6"0, so you can picture that, and am pretty sure I'm a hard gainer.

    I eat quite a bit, and by that, I mean I eat as much as my normal sized friends. I am skinny as hell, and really need to gain weight fast before summer and the shirts come off. Okay, so I might not put it on by then, but I need to work on it.

    Right now, I eat 3-4 times a day. Usually I'll have cereal or eggs for breakfast, whatever high school gives me for lunch, and steak, pasta or chicken for dinner. As a snack after school I'll have a hotdog or pizza or something.

    I lift weights every so often, but really dont do it on schedule (I know it's not much use). I only really work my abs.

    This summer I'm planning on going to the gym 3 times a week, and doing more sport, since right now I'm pretty much doing nothing - despite this, I'm gaining no weight.

    The problem is, I dont have a lot of free time to make myself food, and my mom only cooks dinner for me. I get home about 4, relax till 6 and then I'm head first into work till that night.

    I was thinking of that weight gain 5000 stuff, plus starting jogging nearly every day and going to the gym, but I really don't know whether that's a good idea or healthy.

    Any advice?

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    I know what you mean it's not very nice when taking your top off in summer and your friends calling you names like 'tin ribs' 'pokey' and 'matchstick legs'

    My mates called me some funny stuff lol, I am still skinny but I am putting the effort in to gain weight.

    I was pretty skinny about 3 months ago at 128 lbs, 5'10 age 17.

    3 months on I have gained 12lbs and am now 140lbs.

    Not a lot but hopefully by the end of this year I will hoped to have put on a considerable amount of weight.

    What have I done?

    -I have been eating 6-7 meals a day. - At first it sounded very daunting having to eat this many meals a day but in time your body will get used to it and it will be normal to have that many meals a day.

    -They have to be healthy foods, not 7 mcdonalds's or 7 portions of greasy chips. A good intake of protein, carbs and fats should do the trick.

    -For maintenance I need to eat 2500 calories a day. I eat 3000+ calories a day in order to gain weight.

    -Start lifting weights in the gym, heavy ones. Along with a good diet this will stimulate growth.

    These are just skeletoral tips (no pun intended) on how to put on mass.

    Read around the forum I am sure there are 10000s of people cleverer than me

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