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    What to eat, or take, to reduce muscle cramps.

    I just started weight training about a week ago, and near the end of each workout, my calves begin cramping up. I don't really target my calves in any excersise, but they still start cramping up. What should I add, or take away, from my diet inorder to stop this.


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    make sure you're getting enough potassium. bananas are good for this, but if you are already taking a daily multivitamin you should be covered. I would make sure your sodium intake isn't too high.

    if you work a desk job, its probably just normal muscle crampign due to lack of daily use, but then extra tensing of the muscles while you workout. stretch them some once you have warmed up/done a couple sets.

    I would also do some kind of calf exercise. I have genetically large, strong calves. Since I was 15 I could walk up to most standing calf raise machines, drop the pin at the bottom of the stack, and rep to 20.
    Therefore, I only work them every other leg workout, and only 3-4 total sets, pretty much rotating from donkey, standing and seated calf raises each workout.

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    I used to have cramps like that, and 99% percent of the time it was because I didn't drink enough water. It might be that your body is dehydrated.

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    are you sure you're getting enough calcium, that was it for me.

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    Potassuim and taurine will help ease muscle cramps.

    Hi uthscsa19,

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