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    What whey protein for gaining weight (not neccesarily muscles)?

    So I'm one of the odd persons with a naturally thin shape, who would like to gain weight (fat) and maybe some muscles too.

    I do a little bit of weight lifting excercsies every day, just for some 10-15 minutes. Maybe too little? But anyway, my main goal is to gain weight, not muscles.

    What kind of soy protein/whey protein should I be drinking?

    I'm now drinking soy protein that has 4% fat, 88% protein and 1% carbohydrates.
    Well, I noticed the "weight gainer" whey proteins have a lot less proteins and more carbohydrates (and not many percent of fat)... should I be drinking those instead?
    Also noticed that there were some other whey protein with about 12% fat and more proteins and than carbohydrates.
    What makes me confused is, that proteins are something I don't get a lot from my normal food... So why does a weight gainer include carbohydrare when you can get those so easily from breakfast flakes or whatever.
    I don't consume a lot of fat in my food because, especially chocolate and the likes, makes me skin go bad So I'm a bit worried about using a 12% fat weight gainer... but maybe it's not the kind of fat that affects me in a bad way.

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    fats are good for you.. and isn't chocholate mostly carbs? I dunno..

    To gain weight you need to get in a calorie surplus, that means eating more calories than you burn during the day. You can easily do this with regular food. If you want a suppliment I would go with protein only since (like you said) you can much more easily get carbs from the diet (not that it's hard getting protein from regular food, but it's time consuming and expencive to eat a ton of meat just for the protein)

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    Those weight gain suppliments use carbs because they carry more calories than proteins, so you have to ingest lest to see weight gains.

    Chocolate is about 35% fat, so yes I can see your concern with fats, but you need a good balance of everything.

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    Okay, thanks.

    So, I could just as well use the same amount of soy protein I do now and put some spoons of some high carb drink powder (like this chocolate powder kids drink with milk) and I have my own "weight gainer"? :P
    I'm a vegeterian myself so I can't get protein from meat/fish anyway.

    But, if I eat lots of carbs and protein (to increase my calorie intake)... do I need to eat as much fat to gain weight or can I keep the level of fats lower and still gain weight? I realize I need fat for my body to function, but do I need to increase that as much as my protein/carb intake too I mean?

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    try the Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass..

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    It doesn't matter what you're drinking or eating. If your calories in is greater than your calories out, then you gain weight. Carbs tend to gain water weight, so mass gainers with carbs in it tend to increase your weight in a few days with carbs.

    If you don't care about gaining fat or muscles, but just weight, then I suggest finding out your bmr and your activity level and then determining how much food you should consume in a day to gain weight.

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    So you mean carbs make you gain weight faster? Water weight hmm.. what's that? :P
    Anyway, it's the same no matter where I get the carbs from... no matter if it's expensive protein whey, candy or corn flakes... right?

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    juz try ON serious mass..i myself am taking it also and i've gain like 3 lbs after a month of taking it..and im still taking it until now..

    hope it helps..try to workout also..

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