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    Working out with a bad diet?

    I have a bad diet, I'll have 2 meals a day. My work schedule is 1-10pm. I wake up late don't have breakfast and have a meal at 6pm and when I get home at about 12am. I want to exercise just to exercise, I'm taking up some kickboxing classes since I like boxing so much. My only goal is to lose my beer belly and gain upper body strength, but I understand to gain strength you have to increase your calorie intake.

    If I exercise on this diet, will I do more damage to myself? (burning muscle, etc..?) I dont' care if I don't gain anything, I just like boxing. I'm not exercsing for self defense or anything, just like to do it since I like boxing. Although I'll be lifting weights and cardio a few times a week as well, so I'm just wondering.

    If you think I'm going to end up burning muscle, what type of exercise would you recommend on this diet? Maybe boxing, but no cardio (running on a treadmill) and no lifting weights?
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    your not going to "burn" muscle. If you want the best out of your exercise then at least have a meal before it so you can work out closer to your maxinal effort.

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    Why don't you just clean up your diet approach?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~LV~ View Post
    Why don't you just clean up your diet approach?
    even if its just baby steps.

    seriously on two ****ty meals a day, you'll quickly not have the energy to want to go to boxing practice.

    when your car runs out of gas, it doesn't keep going. the human body is nothing more than an organic engine. without gas, it doesn't go either, and it has ways of keeping you immobile both physically and mentally.

    it'll be ok at first, but then your cortisol levels will just stay peaked all the time and you'll just feel burned out all the time.

    start simple...have breakfast...even if its just a bowl of cheerios and a hard boiled egg (tip: if you don't shell a hardboiled egg, it'll keep in the fridge for 5 days, so cook several at once in advance and you won't have the excuse not to eat better).


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