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    Question Compartment Syndrome

    i'm 19, i played soccer for about 15 years. I started when I 3 and played until i was 17 but i couldn't completely play because I got compartment syndrome. I want to get back into it but i have been completely inactive because of it. I want to get back in shape. I want to play soccer like i use to.

    What would you suggest for getting back in shape? Like.. from step one? and how to progress into college level workouts that would possibly give me the strength to compete in soccer at the collegiate level?

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    Do you do any rehab for the compartment syndrome? You should find out what exercises you can do without pain, and you should see a professional about the syndrome.. if you want to play soccer you have to be able to run.

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    My compartment syndrome isn't chronic, it comes and goes when i sprint or run a little. It's in my calphs, any repetitive exercise will make it act up from what they said.

    Well the thing is, i played soccer through it for about 2 seasons with it until it got to the point where i couldn't do anything because i couldn't feel my feet. The doctors said there's nothing that can be done for it besides a surgery to cut the fascia open :/

    They said that the surgery gives it like a 25% chance to come back and there is a small chance that it could also go away on its own given i dont run or anything to make the syndrome act up.

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    I would start with what you know.... the training you used to do in the off season. This way, you can judge how your body is reacting and how 'out-of-shape' you really are because you will remember how that same type of training felt before. If you incorporate somthing from which you cannot personnally judge its difficulty, you won't really know if you are pushing yourself too hard or if you are just suffering from a natural degeneration of the muscles and cardio endurance.

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    When I was studying musculoskeletal rehab, we learnt about compartment syndrome, but our lecturer had a nack for telling us everything about the condition EXCEPT what to do about it - he left that up to us to figure out on our own.

    Now, I would straight up recommend consulting with a physiotherapist and seeing what they have to say about it. My suspicion is that use of foam rollers and other massage/flexibility/release techniques my help the situation, just as foam rollers are often used to release the tightness of the ITB on the outer thigh. But I can't vouch for any guarantees of success here, I can only cite what is reported as happening with the same treatment on other tight fascia, such as the ITB.

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