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    Fitness Video Producer

    So I'm looking to film a series of about 20 or so short fitness videos (30-45 seconds each). I want them to demonstrate how to properly use the standard weight machines found throughout most gyms.

    I talked to one guy, and he said it can be filmed in a day, but he charges over $20,000, which I thought is preeeettty expensive for a one-day thing. It includes editing and whatnot, but doesn't including paying a fitness model to do the demonstrations, which would run me another couple thousand bucks.

    Does anyone know someone who produces/films fitness videos? Or is what he's asking a fair price? I definitely want it to look professional so maybe it's worth it?

    I live in Miami btw and would want to film here preferrable, so if you know anyone in this area even better...

    Thanks for any help.

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    When we did our photoshoot, it cost $2000 for the weekend and something like $200 / model (I can't remember exactly). Video would require a bit more work, but $20k seems extremely steep. Look into a university student to do it. If you talked to the dean of a program, you could probably get someone to do it as a class project and you pay the university a highly reduced cost.

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