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    How to shed the saddle bags?

    I'm 29 and started using weights and cardio in Oct. to tone up after losing 30lbs. Most of my weight is below the waist line. Hip, butt and thigh area. I have alot more muscle there already in the time I have been lifting. I would like to know what kind of exercises elliptical, running, stairmaster things I should be doing. Also is there types of exercises I should stay away from in the weight room to prevent larger hips? I would love to do pilates but I have hip problems and cannot do them. I would love any advice to target these areas.

    Hi Jonlm,

    take a look here:
    walking 12 miles a day

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    You cannot spot reduce to eliminate bodyfat. A good clean diet consisting of 5-6 meals a day combined with strength training and cardio will reduce bodyfat. If genetics allows, them areas will eventually reduce and give you the definition and toning you are looking for. Best of luck to you.

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    saddle bags no more!

    I agree with the last posting here. There is no such thing as spot reducing. It comes down to a one simple thing…You must Burn more calories, than you take in, in order to shed body fat.
    If you have not had a nutrition profile created for you, I suggest you have one made up as soon as possible. It will save you from much frustration, and will make it much easier to achieve your goals.
    You stated that you have problems with your hips. In addition to visiting a Sports Medicine Doctor, I suggest that you add yet a third component to your fitness program. Stretching class/Yoga. I have suffered from knee injuries in the past, and the only thing that has saved me from the pain, is warming up thoroughly before performing cardiovascular, and weight training exercises. I get up and perform an hour of yoga each morning before anything else. This has made it so I no longer have knee pain! It is wonderful! There are many stretching routines that are centered on opening up and stretching your hips. Many athletes have the same problem as you when it comes to this, including my husband. You are not alone.
    If you really want to see those saddle bags “hit the trail” then start a running program. Nothing gets those thighs and buns stripped of fat faster than this simple, and free form of cardiovascular exercise. You can run anywhere! And if you really want to kick it up a notch, I suggest sprinting. Head down to the local high school track and sprint the straight track and walk the curves. If you live in an area where it snows, try snow shoeing and cross country skiing. A 120 pound woman, cross country skiing at a moderate pace will burn approximately 264 calories in only 30 minutes! Cross country skiing really works your entire body and you will really feel it in your hips, butt and legs!
    If you have not yet tried walking lunges I recommend you try them out! Many women have had success with these; just make sure to use proper form.
    Most of all, you must be patient with yourself. You must also remain consistent with your nutrition and training. Watch your calorie intake, take in healthy fats only (flax, olive oil, nuts and seeds) eat only what nature has made NOT WHAT MAN HAS CREATED, stick to whole grains and legumes, fresh salads with balsamic vinegar, fresh steamed veggies, and fruit slices, lean sources of protein and plenty of fresh clean water. Start that running program, keep lifting those weights, and stretch daily. Success will be yours in no time if you stick with this plan, and you will be saying goodbye to those saddle bags forever!
    Good luck with your fitness endeavors, I know you will be a success!
    Have a great day
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    i too suffer(ed) from a saddlebag problem. i'm 5'1 and 110lbs and everyone thought i was crazy if i said i wouldn't mind lossing a few lbs. problem is, i'm very skinny on top, but i carry my weight on my butt and thighs. i recently changed my diet(nothing but healthy stuff and lots of water) and i started running for 45 min 3-5 times weekly. i'm proud to say, my thighs are more firm and the saddlebags are gradually going down. it hasn't been easy, and i've been doing it for 4 months now, but it's definately worth it. i figured if i stick this out, i will look hot by summer time! good luck to you.

    Hi Jonlm,

    take a look here:
    walking 12 miles a day

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