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    Legal limitations for a personal trainer and les mills instructor

    I am just starting my study as a personal trainer and i'am stuck on a question for one of my assessments can anyone give me some advice on what the legal limitations are for a personal trainer and Les mills instructor as in what are these professionals not allowed to do which is dictated by their qualifications?

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    All that should be in your course materials... baring that your course materials usually come with online forum help where you can ask an assigned representitive of the educational organization, they will help out those with queries about course materials and other issues not delt with in the materials...

    Otherwise you normally have to stick within the scope of your education but as a general rule Personal Trainer's are usually only authorized to work in the state they are certified in and not allwowed to dispense nutritional advice... apparently this is the domain of the Nutritionist only... although I have to say that shouldn't bother you too much as EVERYMAN and his dog is offering nutritional advice out there... most of it bad.

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    Hi there i am stuck on the same question aswel.....

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    Yeah I am also searching for the answer of same question

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    Hey Treenz, I have an idea. I'm sure you have a local fitness gym or company in your place. Why don't you ask someone who is already exercising what he had learned? It is good to ask from someone who is in the field, rather than course materials. Hope this helps.

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