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    Three levels of un-productive resistance training

    HEALTH EDUCATION & EXERCISE TEACHING Series: Progressive-Resistance Exercise (PRE)

    “No matter if you purchase a $100,000.00 automobile or buy a $100.00 VW Bug, you still gotta drive the car the same way!
    The “driver” of the car needs to be driven with attention and right, so to be safe?”
    “The overall-health of not just your body but its life is in your hands…its ultimate destination (goal) is getting there safe, and, in regards what we are talking about is getting there healthy and fit so to be alive and well.”
    mikey q.

    Any form of physical progressive-exercise reveals a silent dialogue of body-linguistics from sign-language being honest ignorance or just not knowing what’s right?
    Exercise, no matter what kind it is an attitude of one’s present-health relationship; a matter of being rather than becoming by engaging ,embracing and expressing the ‘now.”

    Understanding the total process, the “whole movement” of human-health is fully sensing a unitary activity within the human-body when exercising with resistance exercise-equipment.
    This "sensual-feeling" is called “economical motion” of Progressive Resistance Exercise Training, or Strength Training, or Lifting Weights.
    The content, the substance is The Health of the exerciser's exercise.

    Economical Motion involves all of the below motions gathering into one movement simultaneously:
    Breathing in exercise – cardio… develop capacity
    Posture in exercise – strength…improve capability
    Change in exercise – flexibility…sustain compatibility
    To recognize all of the above is being aware of your health and not conscious about your fitness.
    This means we cannot focus on one part or the body and neglect the rest of your body?
    You/We should not use the term “isolate” when strength-training; for the human-body works as a universal-system. To “isolate” is to cut-off living-giving-life. Don’t “isolate”, but “relate.”

    Physical Exercise dose not hurt your body – it is the way how you use your body to exercise.
    The way “how” one breathes, move and responds to strength-exercise displays health ignorance expressed with unfit habitual-behavioral action/practice.

    By watching people’s bodily actions while doing their strength training can reveal their level of comprehensive awareness and bodily-attention.

    Strength Training done improperly will cause an unbalanced way to move your body with resistance-equipment.
    The two factors contributing to an unbalance-body are stress and tension – stress on inner-bodily-functions and tension on external-physical structures.
    Over a period of time an accumulation of stress and tension does effect the overall way we move throughout our active daily living. But, do we recognize this or just when we are doing our selected exercises?

    Three Levels of Un-Productive Exercise Behavior/Disposition:It’s All About Body-Language…
    The Movement Says It ALL!

    Lost-In-Translation: Knowing “about” but not understanding “of.”
    Lost-in-translation – the problem here is that he/she knows what strength training is about, but no understanding to what strength training is not?

    Confused-In-Transition: Thinking this but doing that.
    Confused-in-transition – the problem is thinking that strength training is this but it is also that. Movement is information, that which is can be comprehended or confusing.

    Stuck-In-Tradition: Monkey see, monkey. Monkey still falls out of tree.
    Stuck-in-tradition – the problem is we can all mimic the movements of exercise but cannot copy someone’s good-health.

    How one approach their Progressive Resistance Exercise training will determine not how much one can do?
    Instead it will result in how healthy and how long one will be doing it?
    …And, are you/we not the end-result from what and how it was processed?

    NEXT UP: THREE STAGESS OF PROGRESSIVE RESISTANCE TRAINING: “Someone who says it can’t be done, should not interrupt the one who is doing it…doing it right for that matter.”

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    fitness methods

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