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    2.4 km run test i need help preparing


    Im planing on joining the Navy and part of the fitness test is a 2.4km run which must be done in less that 11 mins 20 seconds. This test is done on a tredmill. Running is my weak area by far.

    im currently dieting doing weights and mainly the eliptical machine 6 days a week to try and get in shape. Ive not done much on the excersie front for about 1 and a half years previously i was a dedicated powerlifter weighting about 19 stone 6 lbs and during that period cardio was a no no.

    Ive been training since the 29th of december i dont know when my fitness test is going to be but its a good 4 or 5 months off. Up to now ive lost 17 pounds since the 28th with a good diet and hard training. For cardio i mainly use the eliptical machine. currently weigh 15 stone flat

    Today i went on the treadmill to see how i would get on , i put in a very poor performace managing only 10 mins a distance of 1.6 km the speed setting was at 9.8 (im unsure of the units its precor usa machine). Problem is almost 1 minute into the run my calfs where in agonising pain burning i continued thru the pain but was forced to quit at 10 mins when i got severe cramping in my right hand side just above my hip at the front and the back.

    I have several questions.

    1) What is causing my cramps ?
    2) Why do my calves burn up so quick ?
    3) What should be a target speed on the tredmil in order to meet the target ?
    4) What is the best way to train myself up to get under the time limit ?
    5) Have i got enough time to get fit enough to get under the target time ?

    Im very strong willed and focused in the gym and can really push myself so motivation is not a problem. Can anyone help me ?

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    1 and 2: walk at a brisk pace for 5 minutes before your running training. After this, do a quick easy stretch of your calf, hams, quads, and lower back. After running, warm-down with a similar pattern, only allow more time and effort in your stretching.

    3: 2.4 KM = 1.5 miles = 7.5 minute mile pace for minimum requirement. This means you need to run @ 8MPH (just under 13 KPH).

    4: Run! You need to run a long run (3-4 miles) once per week and then 2 maintenance runs of 1 or 2 miles per week. And then once per week, try running up stairs or doing a hill run training.

    5: Yes.

    Focus only on the things they will test you on (e.g. push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, swimming, and running)

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    Try not to eat before you run...I always get a stitch which ruins my run if I've eaten before hand...I like to go first thing in the morning before breakfast.

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    I usually eat around 8.30 i vist the gym at 11 and do weights first i do my cardio at 11.34

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    Well everyones bodies different I know that if I'm going to run after work...I'll have my lunch and try not to eat anything until my run...maybe small tiny snacks to keep me going but hours before the run.

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    the cramp can be a result of drinking sodas, try sticking to drinks without caffeine and that aren't carbonated. Also strech out your calves for a long time. Just doing the stretches doesn't do anything if you don't feel a difference. The wall push stretch is good, just move your leg to different places intil you feel something stretch that isn't an actual pain. after you find that spot, push hard against the wall for 20 seconds and then start to slowly bend your knee. I swear it works... I run Cross Country and I had both of the problems you have, and these fixed them... I have tons of calve stretches if you want them too. Also, if you need to eat beforehand peanut butter helps you not throw up

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