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    Unhappy Aching leg..tightness and pain on the back of leg in bend of knee..HELP!

    Last friday I went for a 5.5 mile run..later that day I had some soreness on the bend of my the back of my leg. I rested saturday and went for an 8.5miler on Sunday...the last mile was very painful..and I had to hobble home. Sadly because it was one of my best runs! I dont have alot of lung capacity...which Im working on...and I ran 3.5 miles without a slow down or a great pace of 9min per mile. Felt amazing! Usually I feel like Im gonna die because I cant breathe..this time my legs couldnt carry me
    Needless to say the ache at the bend of the back of my knee was not good. I rested until this past saturday. Was barely able to hobble through 2.7 miles. Its not so much a pain pain...but a discomfort..somewhat of a tightness..stretching doesnt help. It radiates ache through most of my leg. (something Im familiar with.. Ive always had throbbing legs my entire life.. kind of like growing pains but obviously as an adult its not that..Ive also been tested in the past for arthritis (Im only 35 now)
    Ive had a couple days where Ive gotten up from the night and didnt feel a thing! Theres no swelling I can detect etc.
    I havent been running long distance for long. Started off with a couple miles..progressed to 4 and 5 miles.. then to 7-8 and have done 10..I stay around 8.5. Thats whats satisfying to my mind and soul. Running is everything I have to keep me emotionally grounded. It is depressing not being able to get out there in the glory of my heavenly father and just breathe it in.. noone to bother me..noone to ask me questions etc etc lol! I was thinking of trying my treadmill just to see how that feels. I have some fairy new (maybe 1.5yr old) NB running shoes. I run on concrete and asphalt..up hills down hills and flat. Im a healthy vegan..I drink good amounts of water. Young vibrant.... HELPPP!!!!!

    Came here before the doc trip...hoping someone had some insight. I have done some reading...and think maybe a tendon strain.. but do I massage with a foam roller or tennis ball or just rest til completely healed? THANKS!!!!

    Hi LdyBugLvs2Run,

    take a look here:
    my leg hurts when i bend it

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    Hi ldy, I think you should rest up before you cause more damage give your knees time to heal. When you run do you wear a brace of any kind? That would help to relieve some of the pressure the concrete/asphalt puts on it. I am jogging but I do it on a treadmill because it's an easier impact on my knees. I also miss running outside, nothing beats the fresh air and nature but maybe you could run outdoors 2-3x a wk and on the treadmill the other times.

    Or maybe you could on alternate days when you're not running, do a brisk walk for the same amount ofdistance. Does speed walking have the same effect on your knees? Also before you go running apply some ointment of your choice bengay,icy hot etc. then wrap with ace bandage and start off slowly and gradually increase your speed. Before you go to bed at night also apply some rubbing alcohol or ointment (I do the alcohol as to not to have my bed smelling of that strong scent).

    You might also want to try getting some absorb shock gel insoles, they would help a great deal. As far as your sneakers go they're still fairly new so I don't see a problem there but your workt regimen is quite good, keep up the good work ethic!
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    Hey thanks for the reply gymjunky I appreciate it.. out of all the years Ive been working out.. Ive never had an injury. I also have never ran so much lol!

    I dont do anything little so no power walking here... I just bust out the gate flyin!
    Now the back of my leg (where my leg bends) isnt hurting.. my whole leg just aches..feels originated in my knee but aches my whole leg.. I just dont know whats up. Ive always had my legs ache.. my whole life.. exactly what growing pains feels like. Obviously at 35 Im not growing anymore hahaha... wouldnt that be somethin! Im an itty bitty 5ft2in! Anyways.. Im afraid to do anything in fear the pain will just return. I havent been to a doctor yet. Wanted to try ice maybe and some other rehab stuff at home.. I havent done anything in nearly 2wks beyond that hobbling 2.7miles. Its so depressing.

    Im going to start with the treadmill to see how that feels. Im working on getting trained in pose running and even considering becoming a barefoot runner and definitely a minimalist footwearer runner beyond that if not barefoot! Im confident proper form will do the trick. I have some tiger balm I can try as well. Oh and strengthening my glutes,hammys,knees,and quads. Geesh is that all?!

    Ive just always thought.. if I wanna run.. why not run? Everyday.. as far and as long as I want? The thought of not being able to do that really sucks. Its what keeps me psychologically grounded.

    So again thank you for your reply..

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    popliteal muscles could be - they are the small muscles within and around your knee...

    I had this problem before too - its a sharp shooting pain

    I had this problem before and I had an MRI scan which showed that it was probably a Baker's cyst - a fluid filled pocket sitting within the top of my gastroc - and when the bubble is pinched, the fluid floats around my knee and causes discomfort

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    Stop running immediately or risk worsening the injury. I wouldn't start back until you have an idea of the cause and a recovery plan in place. Seeing a doctor is a great idea if you have the means to do so. Sounds to me like an overuse injury since there wasn't isolated trauma like an ankle twist to cause it...have you have increased your recently? Only an expert can tell you for sure. I'd start a RICE regimen right away and get it checked out. Pain should always be taken seriously by runners. Good luck

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    If you feel really good then you should continue otherwise you should stop before thing go out of control. All i want to suggest you that our body always need sometime to adopt. If you create any kind of extra pressure on our body then problem would appear. Your present condition is same. But i believe that there is a remedy. All i want to suggest you that you should take some kind of rest before it goes out of control. It's just a down phase. Take some time so that you would start running with full strength.

    Hi LdyBugLvs2Run,

    take a look here:
    my leg hurts when i bend it

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