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    Coughing/Congestion after Jogging

    I recently started jogging but am noticing that afterwords I have quite a lot of mucus. I cough quite a bit as it irritates my chest and throat.
    I quit smoking at the beginning of the summer, and am thinking that it might be connected. I haven't been able to find anything on it online, and I was wondering if someone else might know whats going on.

    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Oculus,

    take a look here:
    muscles involved in jogging

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    probably just the lunges cleaning themselves, happened to a friend of mine when he stopped smoking he was always coughing doctor said its lunges cleaning the tar out

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    No probly about it, that is directly linked to your prior smoking. It's wonderful that you quit (I've been clean since Early Feb of '05 after smoking for 15 years), just bear with it while your lungs purge.

    The harder you work, the deeper you will get air into your lungs, and the more of that crud you will spit up. Sooner or later, once you work air into the deepest, nastiest crevices of your lungs, the black stuff goes away and you can rest assured that your lungs have hit a healthy milestone in your recovery.

    Speaking of which, this always helps me stay motivated to quit :

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    this will sound gross.. but oh well...

    when you cough up the mucus... personally I have seen 3 kinds

    if it is fiberous... (if you move it around with your tongue and if feels gritty or like there are tiny fibers in it... well I don't know what that is... but when I quit smoking... that was what it was like... when I spit it out... it wasn't clear...

    Chuncky... coughing up thick stuff... that is chuncky... you can get this from a cold but I have also got stuff like this come up from a binge of smoking... like where I didn't smoke for a long time... then smoked a pack when out drinking and then tried to run the next day... and I stress "tried"

    If it is green or yellow or rust or brown/greyish... it could be an infection like brochitis... but I figure you would know that you are sick..

    Clear... slimy... smooth... consistent... "CLEAR" mucus... this I get sometimes from alergies... If I run and my brochial tubes spazz up from alergies... I get clear mucus...

    Anyways... the guys are right... it will get better... it sucks and it hurts coughing up that thick stuff but... you are expiating years(?) of smoking...

    Something that helped me...
    if you belong to a gym... hit the steam room after your run... (hopefully nowbody is in it)... take deep breaths and don't fight the caughing... get it all out.. take slow deep breaths and cough...

    If you don't belong to a gym... you can get some steam by throwing a towel over your head and the sink and turning the hot water on... my doc suggested that to me when I was a kid and I would get asthma attacks... this actually worked better for me than an inhaler...

    The towel thing will really help if you can't stop coughing... the key is to take a deep breath... as deep as you can... like you are trying to get air behind the mucus... eventualy nothing more will come up and the steam will calm the coughing...

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    jsobo119 - That was really helpful with the towel and steam.. Gotta try that thanks alot.

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    Oh man, I was trying to eat my eggs!!!!!

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    for sure it's related. good for you for getting clean!

    Hi Oculus,

    take a look here:
    muscles involved in jogging

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