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    Do I run today since my legs are sore?

    I started running HIIT for about 20 min. every other day 2 weeks ago. I added weights to my workout this week too. So Monday was upper body, Tuesday was HIIT, Wednesday was lower body. My legs are sore and hurting. Do I push through it and run today or do I give them the day off and maybe lift upper body tomorrow and run?

    Hi spy231,

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    First appreciate the soreness~! if you stay with this, it won't be long until you can not even ghet sore. ;-)

    you do not mention run until discussing your workout today. HIIT technique is not giving either. BUT- you are 205 and 5'10" age 25-- that tells me some stuff. Are you knees sore. maybe the quad muscle connecting to the knee, from doing squats in your lower body workout.

    You see how it is hard to help you. I would say this as a safety catch all--

    GO OUT AND RUN THE HELL OUT OF THEM, the soreness will go away!--OK OK just kidding...

    as new as it sounds like you "may" be to running, I'd recommend you walk for a mile briskly and see if they don't loosen up. that is if runnign is your goal.

    oh good grief!! i don;t know.


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    Thanks for replying. I was just sore all over. No pain in the knees just a soreness is the muscles. For example: When you try to walk down stairs your legs start to give out on you or you start walking funny b/c you are sore. LOL
    I did not get your response until after my lunch break so I went ahead and ran for 20 minutes anyways. It was tough, but I finished and I am glad I went and did it. Now I know that I am working out upper body tomorrow and I dont have to run again until Saturday!
    Thanks again for the help!!

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    I know you already ran, but I guess my response would be that when you're sore from something like running, especially a program you've recently started I'd encourage you to NOT run when you're already sore. The tendency to get injured while your muscles are sore and "vulnerable" is great. Because the muscles hurt you will tend to favor a running form that decreases the pain and protects the muscles. This could equal a running with a gait that is very very wrong and will increase the likelihood of injury. When you're sore from a run or weights do some cross training instead, like swimming, the eliptical, etc. until you regain your running legs.

    Hi spy231,

    take a look here:
    running once a day

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