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    I really need some help, problems with my leg and the docs don't know why

    Here's the deal. I recently bought a treadmill and have noticed that after about 12 minutes my left leg starts to burn and soon after falls asleep, goes numb.

    The first time this ever happend was earlier this year around the spring time when I was playing basketball and before I realized it my left foot and my leg up to the knee was completely numb so i had to quit playing.

    Then it happend once or twice more. I stopped playing basketball because I really only played those few times anyway with some friends, although I used to play all the time. Over the summer I began to lift weights some and I occasionly jogged and noticed that it happend once or twice while I ran.

    Now just over the past few weeks I have started to run about 4-5 days a week on my new treadmill and just about every time I run now it happens.

    The feeling I get is a burning feeling in the calf down to the foot in the left leg, and the right leg has slight burning but never goes any further. It mostly happens when I am running on an incline. I don't think I'm overworking myself because I can usually run for a lot longer and a lot faster but I have to quit because my leg will go completely numb.

    Now to me, it seems like it would be some kind of blood circulation problem but what do I know. I went to the doctor and they said I may have a pinched nerve, but sent me to have some nerve tests and they said everything is normal.

    So what am I to do? I want to run longer and harder because I can, I don't get winded but my damn leg falls asleep. GAH!

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    are your shoes big enough? I use to get numb feet like pins and needles, then realized my shoes where to small.

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    I don't know if you have the same problem as I had but I had a sort of burning/tingling sensation in my left leg that would shoot down....and doctors couldn't figure it otu...turned out to be a herniated disk in my lower back which was pressing on a nerve that was going all the way down my leg..which caused the burning/tinging whatever...mention that to your doctor....I had no idea when I got it or when it happened....You mentioned lifting weights...that could be it...mention it to your doc next time and see what he says

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    I've had similar stuff happen to me and after a bit of googling I came to the conclusion that I most likely put a lot of weight repeatedly on a nerve. Just stop, do some static stretching and it should be fine.. Might want to look at better shoes (customized to your body f.ex) or your running form etc

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