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    Pain in left arm while running

    Hey guys. I am a 22 year old male and I weigh about 180lbs. I just started going to a gym today for the first time. I was on the treadmill, and about 20 minutes into a brisk walk, I started feeling a slight pain in my left arm. It kinda concerned me, so I stopped.

    Now, I will admit, I have not eaten very healthy in my life. But I've never been more than 20-30 pounds overweight. But I have been eating fast food in my life more than one should. However, my family has had no history of heart diasese or heart attack.

    Bascially, I'm asking if I should be worried, or if this is happens sometimes when beginning to start excersising?

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    No pain, no gain. Consult your Doctor. I'm 21, weighed 185 when I started going to the gym last month. I feel all sorts of things. My chest, lower right abdominal part, that sharp stabbing feeling on the side, chins, all that **** be hurting me. But I keep running.

    You gotta fill us in your body type. Like did you wrestle in high school, played sports. Or do you play nintendo all the time.

    Keep your workout consistent or exceed. Walk another 20 Min for a week see what happens to your arm.

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    You should start your cardio workouts off small. Like maybe a 10 minute brisk walk 3-4 time a week and then get more intense week by week. Personally, the only pain I have ever felt jogging was in my stomach and occasionaly my lower back (which occurs from bad eating habits).

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