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    running everyday good or bad ?

    Is running everyday bad for me, good, or does it even matter, I enjoy running everyday, like I said in a previous post, I run about 2 - 3 miles daily, when I don't run, I am not comfortable. There is a guy at work that is telling me if I run every day all the weight lifting I am doing is usless, he said I am stretching the muscles by running after I just lifted weights. My overall objective is to get a six pack and get a overall cut body. I am 5' 7" tall, and weight 170 lbs. Once again, everyones help is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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    I think it's only "bad" if you're expecting to grow muscles. How can you expect you body to rebuild muscles from lifting if you're in there running and burning tons of calories. Typically, you either have to gear your program toward muscle building, or fat loss, not both.

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    I say bad, although it does depend on how conditioned you are running in general and how far you're going each day. I think running everyday increases your risk of injury exponentially.

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    No it's not good to run everyday

    Your body will get use to the and it won't be effective after a little while, you need to change up your routine.

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    thanks for all the help guys. My plan is to run just 4 days a week then and lift the other days, I guess I was getting ahead of myself a bit much, Just like everyone else, I just want results. Im going to focus a lot more on lifting weights than I have been previously. Once again, thanks for everyones help.

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