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    Is running everyday safe?

    How often should a person run? I want to drop my bf% about 2-3% and running is my cardio of choice. However, there is so much discerning information out there about appropriate recovery/rest times ect..Currently I run 5-7 days per week for approximately 3-5 miles and do not want to hurt myself...I do tolerate it without any injuries(with the exception of muscle fatigue/soreness) thus far, but as the mileage increases, the fear of injury keeps creeping in!! Any thoughts?

    Hi sjake,

    take a look here:
    pain in left arm when running

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    There are many, many people who run every day, farther than you. If you are not experiencing problems, then you should be able to continue.

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    I would not recommend running every day or running the same distance/pace everyday. Even if you are not experiencing any problems now, in the long term you probably will and you can get as much or MORE cardiovascular benefit from a lot less.

    A possible course to try would be:
    Day 1: short run - 20 minutes (5K/3.2M)
    Day 2: resistance training or rest
    Day 3: 20 minutes HIIT (hill sprints, stair or stadium running) or 5K/3.2M
    Day 4: Resistance training or rest
    Day 5: rest
    Day 6: long run - 40+ minutes (6-12M)
    Day 7: resistance training or rest

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    I've been told it is better to run every second day. My personal trainer won't let me do running in out PT sessions if I have done it the day before. You also need to mix it up, say one short run(fast pace) , one long run (slow pace) and interval running

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    It's better to run 5 times a week, not everyday. Your body really need some rest. You can get exhausted after some time.
    For you it's good to run 4 times a week 3miles and the 5th time run some longer distance - 5-6 miles. It will improve your endurance.

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    Hmm, well, if you keep it at a pace that your body can handle, it really shouldn't be a problem. Just think of how much you end up walking in a single day.. and our bodies do a fine job of keeping up.

    Although Swinthers is right, changing up the intensity/how long is a great idea, and will definitely benefit you.

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    Running is definitely a great idea if you are not facing any type of problem.This is a easy and cheap exercise which help you to keep yourself fit.

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    is running everyday safe?

    I've been running everyday for quite awhile now and haven't had any real problems...I think just listen to your body as to how much you can do.

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    How much your body can handle depends a ton on how much training you have done previously.

    A person can run for 7 days a week at the distances you described without ever having a problem. A big variable is the intensity that these runs are being done at. Going as hard as you can for 5 miles 7 days a week could be a recipe for injury, overtraining, and burnout. On the other had, running 5 miles a day at a very easy pace 7 days a week would most likely be fine from an injury standpoint.

    That said, I would not recommend either of those training programs since there are much better ways to train.

    What are your goals and we can give more specific advice. Are you wanting to run a race? Are you just wanting to stay active? Lose weight?

    Hi sjake,

    take a look here:
    pain in left arm when running

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