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    weight lifting at night, cycling in the morning?

    i have been doing my lifting at around 8-9pm and then i cycle (HIIT or 30 minute session on stationary crosstrainer bike) at around 6am or 7am

    is this ok or should i adjust when i do them?

    Hi sexanoe,

    take a look here:
    running in the morning vs evening

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    I think you should do that kind of cycling immediately after your weights. I'd do weights first thing in the morning then hit the bike.

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    I also reccommend doing your weights before biking. You want to be as sharp and fresh as possible to get the most benefits out of weight training.

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    i thought you are to get a post workout meal in right after you weight train?

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    another thing, if i do that in the morning how should i do my meals?

    i assume it would be:

    breakfast (i eat oatmeal with fruit and walnuts)
    weight lift
    protein shake

    Hi sexanoe,

    take a look here:
    running in the morning vs evening

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