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    Question What muscles are affected by Running/Jogging?

    I am currently trying to not simply lose weight but, I want to gain muscle as well. I am trying to eat clean at least 90% of the time. I no longer drink Coke-a-cola. I haven't had a coke in over 2 months except for the diet coke I've had now and then and I'm not crazy about those.

    I currently workout using Walk Away the Pounds--2 miles by Leslie Sansone. I perform my workout after work 6 days a week. I used the 2 mile DVD and I use it twice so it's a total of 4 miles (1 hour) 6 days a week. When Leslie and her group is walking I start by speed walking and then increase to a jog and increase to a run and repeat. (I also weight train every other day)

    My question is what muscles are affected by running/jogging? Does running do anything for the abs or waist?

    Please forgive my ignorance...


    Female, 40 years young
    Start Date: Jan. 5, 2006
    Start weight: 260 lb
    Current weight: 248 lb
    Goal weight: 175 lb

    Hi chubbi,

    take a look here:
    muscles involved in jogging

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    Smile ignorance is bliss

    According to the American College of Sports Medicine, the mode of exercise you choose should employ large muscle groups in activities that are rhythmic or dynamic in nature. Also, the greatest improvement in cardiorespiratory fitness occurs when exercise involves the use of these large muscle groups over prolonged periods in activities that are also aerobic in nature (running, walking, hiking, swimming, elliptical activity, cycling, etc..) I am giving you these alternative ways so that you don't feel that running is the only way to lose weight. In fact, the risk of injury associated with running is increased if you have just recently started running or if you are overweight due to the stress on your joints and muscles. However, if you feel comfortable running, then it truly is a beneficial mode of exercise for both weight and fat loss. Running involves primarily lower extremity muscles. The quadriceps, hamstrings, hip flexors and extensors, lower leg muscles, and foot muscles are the major groups involved. However, depending on the amount of arm swing, your upper body can also be involved in the motion. Nonetheless, tests have indeed shown that running can help to decrease body weight and fat stores. I also encourage you to perform a resistance training routine to add to your fat loss success. Good Luck!

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    Hey Chubbi... I'm part of the 40 club now too! One of my birthday gifts was a treadmill...a nice one (which I put in my living room!) Good luck with your goal!

    Years ago (and 20 pounds ago), when I did tae-bo and was in good shape I noticed my tummy getting flabby and asked my teacher was was good for abs and he told me cardio. I was surprised cuz I thought it would be crunches. So I guess the running/jogging will definitely help the abs. I also notice when I'm on the treadmill I always hold my abs in out of habit.

    I'm just wondering if walking on the treadmill is just as good as running. I stay on for about an hour and a half everynight and do weights too. I just started getting back into it after years and I'm thinking about what Brit said and trying to work my way up slowly, so I don't do any damage to these underworked muscles and joints!!!

    Anyways...good luck again...sounds like you're on your way! CJ

    Hi chubbi,

    take a look here:
    muscles involved in jogging

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