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    whats the real facts wearing plastic bag

    Yeah I have heard alot of things about wearing one of these plastic-black bags while running for a long time and everyone has something different to say about them so I thought id ask on here as everyone seems to know what they are talking about.

    What are the advantages of wearing 1 under clothes while running?

    What are the negatives??

    Im ABOUT 6 ft,
    18 years old
    10 stone 6
    im not fat but theres some there around stomach-rib area which only I notice and I want to get rid of it so ive been running I know I have to do certain other stuff to but im just wondering will the black bag help or no? Least i will finally know then.

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    Don't be scared of fat, you're 6ft and 146lbs, you're underweight as it is. Try to eat and lift for a while, that should help you get a bit of muscle on those abs instead of trying to eliminate any fat

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