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    Why do I feel like puking whenever I'm pushing myself??

    Whenever I'm sprinting after a jog or basically doing HIIT, I always feel like throwing up especially when I'm sprinting. Why is that? I sort of get in between my momentum and I hate it.

    Hi bradpig369,

    take a look here:
    pain in left arm when running

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    Heaving after a hard workout that your body is not accustomed to is not uncommon, almost a rite of passive in many sports, including American football. As you get in better shape it will become less common.

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    I recently read that feeling like hurling after running hard can be because you have something sitting in your stomach. When you run your blood is diverted away from things like digestion and into your major muscles. So anything that isn't fully digested when you start running is still going to be sitting in your stomach when you're done. Once you finish running your blood starts running back into your stomach and doesn't want whatever's been sitting there the whole time...and then you feel pukey.

    Of course, that's just one possibility.

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    yeah domestika is right, so i would reccomend at least a 30 min gap between eating and exercising. You might also want to do some more high tolerence stuff so you can get used to going into the red zone, maybe intervals

    Hi bradpig369,

    take a look here:
    pain in left arm when running

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