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    This is a very helpful technique which calms you down. When practised regularly it bestows one with a calmer demeanour and a relaxed outlook towards life in general. Suggest to as many people you can and help them experience bliss.

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    One great way to release stress is to listen to your favorite music while looking at pictures of all the things that you would want in your life. For instance, if you like to go on an amazing vacation but you are stressed because you have no money. Don't worry. Just Play the tunes, look at the picture or the video, get all your senses in it and use your imagination to visualize it as if it is happening now.

    Watch as your body starts to release good emotions to make you feel good.

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    Mindfulness is an exceptionally popular practice, which could be achieved through formal training as well as cultivated on one’s own by certain simple exercises.It is a technique by which people are encouraged to shift their thoughts away from preoccupations and focus as well as appreciate the present life. I think if you must go for it, Its innovative objectives and working processes are quite advantageous for you.

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    Acupressure Points to Relieve Anxiety and Stress

    1. Inner Gate Acupressure Point
    2. Outer Gate Acupressure Point
    3. Union Valley Acupressure Point
    4. Central Treasury Acupressure Point

    Search in Google to know the location of the points on your body and try one point from above given effective acupressure points to get rid from acupressure points.

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    Yoga is a simple way to over come or manage your stress to follow special techniques and focuses on the mind through meditation.

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    The best stress relief for me is silent meditation and deep breathing. It could work for you.

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    Stress Management

    The last thing to manage match stress it to remember that shooting is supposed to be Fun. Enjoy shooting the match. Practice is the time to worry about your performance. Once you are at the match there is nothing else you can do to perform better on that day. Have fun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~LV~ View Post
    Go to your "happy place".

    Easier said than done

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