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    Any type of exercise can really give relief from stress and give energy to do more during the day.

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    Based on my own experience, it is very true that exercise can relieve stress. It is because exercises can produce endorphins - a "happy" hormone in our body. I usually find myself humming or even singing after a great workout. But, of course, one has to do it moderation. Too much exercise and no "day off" can also strain the body and might adversely affect the daily activities of the person because of the "body pains."

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    exercise and stress

    I think exercise is a wonderful way to reduce stress. The problem is that you cannnot exercise all the time. I would suggest a training tool called the Heart Tracker. This device trains you to develop a deep parasympathetic or relaxation response. Once you learn the technique you can do this anywhere.

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    Exercise stress me out!

    I have looong workouts which are that way as I am unable to make them intense enough to become shorter. I recently sprained my ankle quite badly (grade 2) and as a result cannot do anything high impact such as running, cannot use the elliptical machine as fast as I would do, cannot do plyometric type exercises. I am taking 2 hours or more to do a workout which used to take me 1.5-1.75 hours.

    Even so, the workouts were long enough before- its all intense stuff, all cardio and I am scared to stop or cut down as I see it as calories being burnt. If I am not exercising, I am not burning as many calories, this would mean I am going to gain weight unless I drasticly reduce my food- I have no idea by how much. My heart rate monitor tells me I burn anywhere around 1000kcals to 1300kcals per workout. I only eat 1850kcals per day-- I don't think I can survive on 550kcals per day!

    Its gruelling, intense, it feels depressing and never ending and there are only so many things I can do in the gym, especially with a sprained ankle so its also very dull. I have to say I hate working out. I do so out of necessity and a desire to lose weight. I have yet to lose any weight and yet have over the years increased my workouts many many times over. I don't know why my weight continues to either rise or sits itself around a too high figure but I watch what I eat, there are many things I don't eat and I count calories. I used to have chronic anorexia, I just hope I haven't screwed up my bodies ability to lose weight again.

    So no, exercise does not work to destress me. Infact the worry about more exercse the next day (5 days a week plus an additional day to do half an hour as this is all I can fit in) exercise stresses me out!

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    Good news, hubby has decided to join me so we can exercise together and lose weight together, thank goodness I was dreading having to do this on my own, now need to decide what program to use, any ideas from you guys, anything you have tried personally?

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    Exercise is the best possible way to stress out your tensions,Whether at home or gym or a yoga class,a workout extending for half an hour is very beneficial

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    For some people exercise is their form of stress reliever. Have you ever experience that while jogging or simply walking, you are able to relax your mind and feel the music you are listening to. One can even think of solutions on problems while exercising.

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    Though not generally as effective as aerobics for relieving stress, many people find that getting into a strengthening exercise program does relieve stress.
    Strength exercises are also important to prevent injury during aerobic exercise by strengthening the muscles that support your joints. A toned body has as much impact on mental wellness as physical wellness.

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    I believe it's physically true it may relieve from stress, and improve blood circulation, and as for me personally, it's actually a way to steam off anger and worry sometimes... Drop it all on the body until you're tired, yet you feel free from the burden and stronger from the workout...

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