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    I heard in Flex magazine that squats can boost testosterone levels..worth a try

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    Meh, I am only 5'6" tall myself and a 20 year old male. I can't say it bothers me. I wouldn't mind being taller though also. My girlfriend is a bit smaller than me but if she wore heels would be taller, but she doesn't really wear them often anyway.

    I'm not that bothered really, I make up for it with my massive personality. To be honest I never really notice unless I am with a friend who is actually very tall in general, rather than somebody who is just tall compared to me. Sometimes then you can notice, but it doesn't really bother you.

    I would focus on just having a more confident personality and build a nice and defined body with decent lean muscle mass and you will look great anyway regardless of your height...When it comes to confidence I have bucket loads but that comes naturally to me, I'm not really sure of any ways to improve your confidence if you don't just naturally have it, but it can be done even thorugh improving your diet and getting a good exercise routine!!

    Oh also in England it seems like there are less tall people compared to say the americans on this forum who a lot of them are like 15/16 and 6ft + tall.

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    Gain height

    If you really want to gain height then eat fresh vegetables and drink lot of milk and do exercise regularly

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    eat fresh vegetables to gain height

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    If growth plates are closed, there is no way to increase height. Genetics is the number one factor in height. If both parents are tall, big chance that you will be tall.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeanBean View Post
    Ultimately, height is determined by your genetics.
    Yup - this is the real true answer here but you can try the other supplements. Nutrition also counts too. You have to accept that there is no real answers to growing.

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    lol you can't control how tall you are! Is this a serious thread?

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