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Thread: Sleep problems

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    You could try putting a drop of lavender oil on your pillows, that helps me sometimes.

    Also, get a new mattress. Like a really nice one. Orthopaedic mattresses are meant to be amazing. I've been having trouble sleeping like you and mine is now in the post to give it a go!

    Another thing is to make your room is pitch-black, or as close to that as you can. Turn off all stand-by lights on TVs, stereos etc. Make sure your curtains block out street lights.

    Hope that helps. Trouble sleeping is horrible.

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    I have found that my antihystamine pills which I need to take daily anyway, make me drowsy. This has meant I find it easier to fall asleep many nights. I don't think pills are the answer but they can help when you need to sleep quite badly.

    I used to find milk helped but also made me feel phlegm at the back of my throat which used to keep me awake. Now I don't have milk before I sleep I have water and it helps in the longer term.

    Having no TV is an ideal but I think it depends on what you need, I need the TV on as the news helps me drift off. I put it on a timer for 20 mins or so and can fall alseep to it but it has to be the news, anything else is too jumpy in sound and can keep me awake.

    I did once try not sleeping for 48 hours to see if I could then fall asleep the following night. I did fall asleep quite quickly, the first night was fine, I woke after 8 hours sleep...then slept for 15 hours the second night, right through the alarm clocks and ruined any new pattern I had tried to build. Back to square 1.

    Its worth seeing a doctor to rule out any neurological issues as there may well be some that can affect your sleeping patterns.

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    Try to take pills, sure it will help you to sleep well.

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    I have the exact same problem. Some people get their best thinking done in the shower. I tried it last night and it seemed to have some effect, I was more relaxed anyway though it could've just been a placebo effect. Wow Great site. Either way thanks.

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    Hey man, sleeping problems are most common. Many people suffer from this. The root cause of this problem lies in your day to day routine. If you think too much about day's work or tensed about anything then this problem occurs. Try for some change. Take time off form work and relax, may be it will help you

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    Quote Originally Posted by ~LV~ View Post
    Have you tried ZMA?
    What is ZMA? Is it really effective?

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    I have helped a friend get off Xanax with strong lemon balm tea. First he tapered down slowly. Had trouble sleeping. I packed empty Snapple bottles with fresh picked lemon balm leaves and poured hot spring water in. Later when they were only warm, I added a little quality honey. He drank one each night before bed. Lemon balm is easy to grow in warm weather, and winters over. Good for you, also.

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    Enjoy and Cradle yourself to sleep with this Beauty

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    If seriously, practically all people experience different thoughts popping up in their heads when they go to bed, as it's time to sum up everything that has happened to us during the day. Another thing is to let you the right thinking about it the next day, just say it to yourself and you'll be calmer a lot

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    Quote Originally Posted by cian View Post
    I don't really know where this goes, so I hope this allright.
    My problem is I have sleeping difficultys. I always have done for as long as I can remember.Once I go to bed millions of thoughts just pop into my head and I can't do anything to stop them. I've tried incense,hot baths, exercise,counting sheep,homeopathic medecine,relaxing every muscle and many other things whihc I cant remember. It's a real pain in the ass as I'm doing the first part of my baccalaureate in 2 weeks(end of school exams) and I'm too knackered to work properly.Not that this is an unusual occurence as I've always had this but right now I'd kill for some sleep.I go to bed around 9 30-10 then lay awake until midnight-1 o clock.When this is done every day it really gets on top of me.I'm trying to bulk and read here that sleep is very important.If anyone could give me some help I'd really really appreciate it.
    THanks a million
    This happens to me too.

    One tip I heard that helps is tracing back your day starting from the most recent activity: getting into bed or turning off the light.

    The trick is to be very specific and as exact or accurate as possible:

    Turned off the light
    Pulled up the blanket
    Read a book
    Went to the bathroom

    The idea is to flood or preoccupy the mind with white noise or a very mundane task that requires attention yet doesn't excite.

    More often than not you won't get too far and you'll fall asleep.

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    While yoga and meditation help to a great extent, one should also see a doctor when the problem persists for a long period.

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    I occasionally have the same problem getting up in the middle of the night, what helps me is concentrating on wish scenarios, imagining getting what I want, and what I will do. it may sound crazy but it works for me, the positive thoughts help to relax me, besides thinking negative for things I can't change does nothing for me.

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    exercising before bed has really helped my with my sleep! With no pre-workout of course too, or then I will be up all night

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    Sleep problems

    It seems i cant seem to sleep longer than 4 hours. I am going to the doctor in 2 days but I know he is just going to give me Ambien or something similar since I already use Ambien. And I cant use it every freaking day of my life.

    I feel like I am losing my mind.

    If I go to bed before 11pm I tend to wake up between 1:00 and 1:30am - Many Many Many nights I am up to anywhere between 3am and 6am sometime as late early as 7am. Then i sleep till noon - which of course screws me up for the next night.

    Has anybody had serious sleep problems before? If anyone has and has any advice please tell me.

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