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    Quote Originally Posted by kind11_kiwi View Post
    shorter people live longer than taller ones.growing tall decreases life span beware it was recently discovered by scientists
    Show me the study.

    Hi Tomu La,

    take a look here:
    food to gain height

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    must be all the smog up here makes sense

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    Some experts claim that being tall and having more cells in your body causes you more exposure to carcinogens and free radicals, which they believe shortens your lifespan...

    I wonder if those scientists that came up with this are short..

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    LOL. You want to grow taller by eating something? That’s awesome! The only thing I can think of is maybe some mushrooms. I mean I guess it won’t actually make you taller but you can feel taller or you may appear to be taller to yourself.

    Everyone who says swimming will make you taller is hilarious. Hey, I heard that if you hang from a chin up bar for 10 minutes/day, that’ll make you taller too!

    And yeah, 146 is pretty thin for someone of your height. I don’t think it’s a problem if your healthy, just that your weight shouldn’t be of any concern. BMI is silly, that’s a ridiculous measure.

    Eat right, exercise, get plenty of rest. That’s it, there is no magic food.

    And yes, yoga can stretch the spine and help you stand up straighter. You can also try prancing around the house with a book atop your head.

    Yeah, listen to the guy who talks about Rodman, that’s great advice – go be a janitor and you’ll gain a whopping 8”! And then be a pro basketball star. There’s not much to it, it’s easy.

    Shorter people live longer. That’s so awesome…I can’t stop laughing. I totally should give that guy rep. Yup, all dwarves live well into their 100’s, didn’t you know that? There are dwarf centenarian parties going on all the time. OP, your going about this all wrong! I think I’ll feed my son nothing but Doritos and soda so he won’t grow too much – ya know I want him to live a long time.

    OP, I don’t mean anything harsh towards you. It’s a fair question. The answer is that you can’t do anything to get taller. You can only do things that’ll derail you from the maximum height you can achieve through genetics. Things that can hurt are too many of the wrong types of drugs, poor nutrition, lots of alcohol, a deep lack of rest, etc. Poor nutrition would probably rank as the #1 reason for stunting growth.

    Best of luck.

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    Maybe try pilates? Also, check your posture. Height is mainly down to genetics but eating well and resting enough is important too.

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    Here is the list of food that can help you grow taller naturally :-

    1) Egg - The White albumen in eggs contain 100% protein, but you should not take the yolk since it contains fat .To increase your height, take 3-6 eggs daily.

    2) Milk - contains protein in abundance, which are the building blocks of our body cells. Milk is a easy digestable food and enables maximum assimilation of proteins. Take 2-3 glasses of Milk each day

    3) Chicken - Chicken is one of highest protein-content meat food among animal foods. Take atleast 100 gms of chicken each day

    4) Soybeans - It contains pure protein which improves bone and tissue mass. Make sure that you take 50 gms of Soybeans each day

    Hope that tips help you

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    Hmm, what a surprising forum post! And interesting conversation!

    You can certainly maintain the height you do have by sitting up straight and promoting good posture wherever you go!

    WikiHow has a lengthy and helpful article on this topic you might like to read!

    Hi Tomu La,

    take a look here:
    food to gain height

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