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Thread: Stress.....???

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    i've been a lot of stress right now especially in school, there is only three weeks of school but im getting a more and more stress..what should i do???!!!!!!

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    relax... stress can make you gain weight. It can also cause you to have attacks. That is bad for you mental health. Find something that relaxes you and do that as often as possible.

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    Put things into perspective is the best thing you can do. I was under quite some stress a little while ago and putting everthing into perspective really worked

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    It might sound silly but talk this out with someone, as they can also help put things in perspective, as mentioned above - things are never as bad as they seem - often a friend or teacher will make you stop, and think "yes... thats not as bad as I thought"

    good luck

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    that's totally true shaun! talking to someone can somehow relieve stress. this practice is a good option.

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