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    Hey friend meditation and healthy conversation could help you in understanding your behavior as well as it will also help you in getting out of it, talk to your parents or teacher about it, get involve in some creative activity be it sport or craft work, divert your energy in positive direction it will help you a lot.


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    I have heard that Yoga really helps, I am pretty sure that you are very flexible being young and all. I also read in one of the health articles that going to the gym everyday can help reduce stress plus not only that, it reduces toxins in the body that will help you feel good.!

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    Explain your problem with your parents. when I was suffered a lot because of stress and anxiety my friend advised me to try hypnosis which he found from I found a good improvement in my confidence and self control. They helped me to reduce and control my stress through hypnosis and hypnotheraphy programs. I hope you can try this to Control your stress.

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    I have been suffering with Stress now for 8 years, starting when I was a teenager with serious troubles at home. I tried the medication first, and I had a counselor as well for a while but neither helped. I felt like the tablets only treated the effects not the cause and my counselor never even seemed to be listening. I started smoking cannabis to help me deal with the upset, it provides an instant hit of happiness that I couldn't get anywhere else, but now it is taking over my life. My Stress has become unbearable, and I have started to hurt myself to try and cope. I'm sick of people, even those I love, looking at me like I'm crazy all the time. Nobody seems to understand and I don't have anybody to talk to about it. I feel like this is the end of the line, and If i don't get help now I can't turn back, I feel hopeless. Please help

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