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Thread: Hello everyone

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    Smile Hello everyone

    HI all just thought we would say hi,
    We are twins - non identical im Harry and im Jamie ha!

    A bit about Jamie - I enjoy fitness and exercise etc, i did gymnastics when i was younger and have always kept a keen interest in it, i also enjoy martial arts such as Krav Maga.

    A bit about Harry - Hey all i have only recently got into fitness mainly becuase of jamie, Hes like a mentor if you like
    My interests are classical guitar and art and of course more recently bodyweight exercises and fitness.

    Thanks everyone

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    Hello & Welcome

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    Hey man, keen to get involved an meet like minded people, so add me or some thing.

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    Hey to Jamie and Harry, is Jamie going to be your taskmaster, encouraging you whilst pushing you to your limits good luck to both of you.


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