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    Boxing and swimming is the best sports for fitness. It is an overall exercise for your body. It will tone your muscles. You will enjoy while doing this sports especially in swimming. Boxing is the fastest way to lose weight and it help you to have a gorgeous body.

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    I think all sports have different benefits so it depends but something like football or rugby I would say are good sports for overall fitness

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    Swimming really stretches your body but if you don't know how to swim, you can try other sports like cycling

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    Very general statement, but I have to agree with you. Boxing is intense which requires agility, power, speed, co-ordination and a great way of getting rid of frustration

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    I think it's best to start off with help and advice from a personal trainer. this would give you an insight into what you may prefer doing, good luck.

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    Sport for fitness

    Will Bt Sport be charging for the sports next season when champions league starts?

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    Boxing is a great sport to be fit.

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