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    trying to not be stressed, but it's playing at the back of my mind, please help.

    I'm going to college maybe over the summer of next year. I was only planning on going to community college for a career, maybe in graphic design along with my best friend, who actually does it for a living now.

    But I have family problems, and my mom and dad are divorced and have been for years. I'm 3 weeks shy of 18, and after i go to college, i want to move away. I made the mistake of telling my dad's girlfriend i was wanting to move to the mountains, and she told my dad, and he chewed me out last night and said if i did, then to not ask him for a da** thing, and that all his life he's lived it for me and all this and that.
    But the only time my dad wants me at his house is to work. he's got 6 rental properties, and he thinks of me as his 'worker'. This past friday, i hadn't been home for more than 10 minutes, and he was already having me working on something else. And i'd just gotten home from school too!

    I worry about how i'm going to pay for college if i don't get any scholarships, and i worry that once i get out of college, that money's going to be hard. And i worry that my dad isn't going to help me out any once he figures out i'm not going to be working for him after i turn 18, and my mom tries, but she's a single parent, and she has trouble making ends meet as it is.

    I'm just stressing big time, and by far, this year has been the worst year of my life because everything has all went downhill.

    If anyone can help, or at least say they feel my pain, it'd help. Thanks everybody for taking the time to read this.

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    I know how you feel..and I know it's not easy to go through such problems... But you know, thinking too much can only cause problems.. We as people have different problems, it's just on our ways how to carry our cross. Just be thankful for those problems because it will make you even stronger. Life without problems is like a food without taste. Good luck to you and don't worry, you'll soon overcome your problems,.. That is only a way to test how strong are you as a person.

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