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    How do I deal with pre competition gloom?

    I'm doing my first Show/competition in March. I'll be doing the bikini division but my ultimate goal is figure. The thing is, I originally planned on doing The Dexter Classic in August but we found a coach and he believes that getting me stage ready for Jax Physique in march wouldn't be impossible even though my body fat was higher than I thought. I'm interested in doing the show in March but I know I won't be at my desired body fat percentage by then..and it's kind of bumming me out. How do I deal with the gloom/disappointment and keep positive? I would still like to do the Dexter Classic in Aug also.

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    ALOHA & HowZit!
    The first thing is don't,don't get down on yourself. In other words don't go "beating yourselfup" rather "Build Yourself Up!" You have to live with yourself right.
    If there is someone that "believes" in you, mustn't you have that same belief too?

    Keeping "positive" is looking at what is making you think negative. In other words there is always two-sides of seeing things. Once you understand the negative, use it as a "tool" to genrerate the positive. Usually the "negative" is something we call "adversity" and this is sometimes a good thing. We can either look at it or look away.
    The example i share with my students in regards to "adversity" is a woman pregnant and ready to give birth. (If you had a child you will understand where I'm going with this.")
    The woman does not really know what to expect from this but has had 9 month to prepare.

    Child birth is the greatest adveristy a human-being goes through due to the severe amount of pain and time of labor.
    ALthough this is very painful, no woman who manges to go through this never says "I don't want to see the baby" - the end result.
    Now this may be over-the-top but the point is we can't see the future (there is fear of the unknown, uncertainty) so isn't it best to look at the present and do what it is you can do now, not looking ahead? And what is looked at ahead, your "body" still goes with you.

    No matter what others say, It will be you doing what's best for you. Even if you don't do the March thing, you will have started already for the next big thing.
    Turn "Impossible" into "I'm Possible" and "Impatient" into "I'm Patient" and see where you are.

    ALoha & GOOD Health 2-U!

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    Never thought of it that way. Thank you, that helped a lot.

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    How do I deal with pre competition gloom

    You arent stupid Richard. Its really scary. Sometimes it is easier to ignore these things in the hope that they will dissapear. How do you deal with things now if you dont ind me asking?

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