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    Tai-chi Push Hands

    Are there any other people practicing push hands in this forum? This is a two person exercise that teaches you to use fluidity and flexibility in the martial arts rather than tension. It provides strategies for living your everyday life more powerfully and being unaffected by stressful situations.

    Push hands is the heart of Tai-chi training and develops the consciousness of the body, so that each joint and muscle can function accurately. That state allows the body to heal itself and avoid deterioration with age.

    I would like to start a discussion about your experiences with push hands.

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    Push hands is the good exercise for making body fit and smooth...

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    I haven't tried it yet but i'm planning to. I've gotten curious on this after reading one of the novels of Sidney Sheldon.

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    I have never done pushhands before and have never even heard of it. Do you have a video of you doing it?

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    Tai chi Push Hands

    I found a interesting DVD that teaches Wudang tai chi. I am going to use it. Does anyone have more information on what it means to do Wudang tai chi or has anyone done it before?

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