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    Eating to lose weight

    Three months ago, John decided to start eating a more paleo style diet. He basically eliminated a lot of bread, pasta and other carbohydrates. He has included more fruit and vegetables to his diet and for one example, instead of the sandwich for lunch he has a nutrition packed smoothie including almond milk, fruit, low sugar yogurt and a vegetable based protein supplement. He has made no other changes including no increase in activity. The results? He requires a whole new wardrobe. John has lost nearly 20 pounds in a nice steady fashion and has not made great sacrifices in his lifestyle...

    Eating to lose weight [Weight Loss, Fad Diets, Weight Management, Calories] -

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    I believe if we eat organic and eat in small chunks we can reduce and balance BMI.

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    Cutting out bread and carbs isn't easy, but it makes a massive difference (as you saw with your partner!).

    I saw a really interesting article crop up on a couple of forums recently about Paleo vs. Keto vs. Whole30 ( ). Personally, Keto sounds an absolute nightmare, but there are some really interesting points about using Whole30 as a stepping stone to Paleo, and forming a Paleo-style plan that suits you best.

    Just out of interest, did you go straight from your old diet to Paleo, or was there an in-between?

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